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An attractive smile and improved self-image are just some of the benefits of orthodontic treatment. Alleviating and preventing physical health problems are just as important. Without treatment, orthodontic problems can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, bone destruction, chewing and digestive difficulties, speech impairments, tooth loss and other dental injuries.

Braces aren’t just for kids anymore . . .

Tooth alignment can be changed at any age and we offer a variety of treatments that are designed for different age groups – including adults.

Featured Services

  • Complete Adult and Pediatric Orthodontics
  • Invisalign Clear Braces
  • Stainless Steel Brackets
  • State of the Art Cosmetic Brackets
  • Nickel Free Brackets and Wires (when indicated)
  • Invisalign Certified
  • Niteguards and Tooth Positioners
  • Specialty Appliances
  • Interceptive Treatment
  • Removable Functional Appliances
  • Habit Appliances
  • Oral B Ortho Essentials Program


Oral B Ortho Essentials Program

Purpose of Ortho Essentials Program:

  • To prevent extended treatment time due to poor oral health – The clinical benefits derived as a result of improved oral hygiene can reduce treatment time, help deliver a better clinical outcome and thus make the office more productive. Additional office visits costs approximately $100.00-$200.00 each.
  • Implementation of the OE program will demonstrate to referring offices and parents alike the importance placed on oral hygiene. This will lead to increased referrals.
  • The OE program will increase case acceptance 5-10%.
  • Point of differentiation vs. other Orthodontic offices in the area.

Why participate in the Ortho Essentials Program:

  • This is the most comprehensive hygiene program available today to orthodontic patients.
  • Your office will see an increase in referrals and help to prevent lost referrals.
  • Participation sends a clear message to referring offices that everything possible is being done to improve oral hygiene in your office.
  • Because of the noticeable benefits, results will be visible to patients, parents and referring offices. This will have a positive reflection on your approach to addressing oral hygiene.

How does this improve oral hygiene:

  • Compliance is a big issue with adolescents and is usually worse with manual brush users.
  • Due to limited dexterity, most kids, despite best efforts, cannot effectively remove plaque with a manual brush. The Bass or Modified Bass technique that is often taught is too difficult for most adults, let alone children. This often results in poor compliance. The oscillating, rotating and pulsating motion of the OralB 5000, 3000, and 1000 power brushes is the only brush to mimic the Bass or Modified Bass Technique.

Best way to integrate the Ortho Essentials Program:

  • Include the cost of the Regimen bag in the patient’s treatment fee. This will help the parent to understand that this is not a free brush given for signing the contract with your office but an instrumental tool in their child’s orthodontic treatment.
  • Attach your business card to the personalized referral sheets, explaining to the parent that every patient receives an Ortho Essentials Regimen Bag, providing their child with not only a beautiful smile, but a healthy smile.

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